Teknolab is about creating music that puts the brain in a flow state. Silencing the ever-present thoughts of the perhaps overly active mind. Stimulating the deeper unconscious towards a calming integration with the conscious. One genre of music tailor-made for this purpose is minimal, underground, rolling, industrial, pounding, tribal, stumping, proper techno. Many words, all resonating with a particular feel of techno. Though being the preferred genre, creativity should not and will not be restricted. Deviations, for example towards house music, are to be expected. Teknolab is founded as an outlet regarding the rewarding process of creating music. The music is shared on Soundcloud and Youtube, while behind-the-scenes information and more is shared on Twitter.


Inspired by my brother, who's life took a different path, I started to create music just after the turn of the century when I was 16. Before that I had followed keyboard lessons, practising on the Roland E15 that my father had bought. This gave me the correct background to start. Back then I used MadTracker, as I already knew about the older FastTracker software from the 1990's. After getting interested in sound synthesis, I walked in to a music store in Almere Haven inquiring about the Alesis Andromeda A6. I had to have it, but it actually was too expensive. Then I got maybe the best tip I have ever had. The man in the shop showed me Reason, something brand new and entirely software based. Endless possibilities for what was a lot of money, but within budget. With varying intensity quite some music was made in Reason 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, and also using an Evolution MK-449C midi controller/keyboard. Then regular life took over and it got less and less. Luckily in life there are those moments of reflection where decisions are made. As of 2019, creating music is a serious endeavour once again.


The music on this site is produced with Reason 11 Suite from Propellerheads. Hardware that I use, besides a HP laptop and Lenovo computer monitor, is: M-Audio Code 61 Black USB/MIDI keyboard, Mackie CR4 reference monitorset, and Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones.


You can contact me at info@teknolab.nl.